A healthy diet for a pregnant woman

A healthy diet for a pregnant woman “

A healthy diet must be followed all the time in general, but it is a must in the woman’s pregnancy period, as a woman’s healthy nutrition during this period is the one on which the child feeds and completes its stages of development, and also for the mother to remain healthy and reduce health problems That you may encounter during pregnancy.

Healthy carbohydrates ” :-  “

Starchy foods, “healthy carbohydrates”, contain a wide range of fibers and vitamins that a woman needs during pregnancy, and these foods are: –

Potatoes , Maize , Oats , the pasta , Brown rice , Sweet potatoes , and many other healthy starchy foods that do not contain a large proportion of fat.

” Proteins ” :-

The body must enter a proportion of protein daily, as it is the one that provides the body with the energy needed to carry out its daily activities, and among the most important sources of protein are: – Fish (all kinds) , White meat , Whole grains , eggs , Nuts , Poultry , Lentils , Chickpeas , and other healthy foods that contain a large proportion of protein that benefit pregnant women during pregnancy.

Dairy “

Since dairy is a very rich source of ” calcium ” that the body needs on a daily basis, it is preferable for a pregnant woman to follow a diet that contains low-fat dairy, and the matter is not limited to milk only, but also its derivatives such as : low-fat yogurt, and a few cheeses. Fat, but not all kinds of cheese.

” Healthy snacks ” (low-fat): –

Low-fat snacks should be eaten when feeling hungry, and that instead of unhealthy snacks that are eaten between meals, so it is recommended to eat: –

  • Leafy vegetables such as: watercress, beet leaves, and parsley.
  • Fresh fruits of all kinds.
  • Salads that include many types of vegetables, such as: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, lemon, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, lettuce.
  • Hummus salad.
  • Grilled chicken breast.
  • Breakfast Cereal.
  • Cooked sweet potato.
  • Fresh fruit drinks.
  • Vegetable soup.

  • ” Some tips for healthy nutrition for women during pregnancy”
  • You must eat breakfast daily, to avoid feeling hungry during the day, and to avoid unhealthy foods that contain a high percentage of fats and sugars.
  • Drink plenty of water daily.
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