A suitable diet for children””

A suitable diet for children”

What are the most important reasons why nutrition is important and healthy in childhood?

Proper nutrition strengthens children’s cognitive abilities and general health. Contribute to reducing the risk of common diseases in children, such as: cardiovascular disease, obesity, some types of cancers, and diseases resulting from eating disorders, preserving health in general in the advanced age stages; Such as adolescence, youth and old age.

” Childhood healthy diet: –

Health systems must be adhered to at every meal during childhood, as healthy nutrition from childhood works to improve health and prevent some diseases over time and to different age stages. Here are the most important essential nutrients that must be included in any healthy diet Especially in childhood.

” Vegetables “ : They are one of the most important elements that must be included in a large amount in any diet, but there are some types of vegetables that we must eat in small quantities as they contain a high percentage of starches, such as: potatoes, which in turn can raise the level of blood sugar in Body in some people.

” Grains ” : You should eat an appropriate portion of whole grains or eat foods that contain them, such as whole wheat grains, quinoa seeds, brown rice, oats, and brown bread, as they do not affect raising the level of blood sugar compared to some types of refined grains Or that is manufactured; Examples: white rice, pasta, and foods made from white flour such as pizza, pastries, and bread.

" Protein sources " You must choose healthy protein sources such as: avocados, poultry meat, all types of fish in general, eggs, in addition to all kinds of nuts, protein-rich seeds, beans, green peas, and some types of plant protein, as it should Also limit your intake of red meat or processed meats such as sausages, and other types.
" Milk and its derivatives " : You should choose unsweetened milk, natural milk, and other different unsweetened milk products, and eat adequate amounts of low-fat cheeses, and all of these products are good sources of calcium and some vitamins such as vitamin " D ", but you should consult The doctor in the event that the child does not consume milk, or takes less than the prescribed 
amount, in this case it is possible that the child will need to take nutritional supplements such as calcium and vitamin " D ".

" Fruits ": Eating appropriate amounts of fruits of various colors is important and necessary for health, and it is also preferable to eat fruits whole or in the form of sliced ​​slices, and it is also preferable to stay away from eating fruit juices, because most of the vitamins and minerals in fruits are concentrated in the peels Or the pulp of the fruit, as it is a rich source of sugars.
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