Diabetes treatments

All about type 1 diabetes

All about type 1 diabetes

  :-” Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes results due to a severe shortage in the amount of insulin that the body needs in the blood, or it sometimes occurs and the blood completely lacks insulin, and the only temporary solution in this case is for the patient to take specific amounts of insulin daily and it is taken continuously throughout life. , And in order to avoid the patient entering a diabetic coma, where when there is an poverty in the production of the insulin hormone, the cells take their turn and then attack the immune system in the body, and there are many symptoms that indicate the presence of type 1 diabetes in the patient and the most important of them are :-

“” Extreme thirst ” Type 1 diabetics sometimes feel extreme thirst due to the lack of fluid in the body, and also because of the lack of sugars and thus their lack of access to the nerves and the body in general.

” week looking ” Failure to secrete the hormone insulin may lead to impaired vision, and then lead to a decrease in the amount of fluid in the eye, and thus vision impairment.

” Fatigue ” Type 1 diabetics may feel fatigue sometimes, due to the lack of sugars and thus their lack of access to the nerves and the body in general.

” Skin pigmentation ” Patients with type 1 diabetes may develop skin pigmentation, which is a change in the color of the skin in some areas to become darker than the natural color of the skin, and this rarely happens in some cases.

” Weight loss “, when the body becomes in a state of inability to exhaust the insulin present in the blood, then it goes directly to depleting the energy that the body has in the form of fat that was stored before, and this leads to burning fat significantly and thus losing many calories Heat, which definitely leads to weight loss.

” Diabetes Advice ” :-

” Keeping completely away from any things that may cause wounds ” , Diabetics will enter the dangerous stage if any wounds occur and lead to excessive bleeding of blood.

” Measuring blood sugar periodically ” It is necessary to know the level of sugar in the blood every period to avoid some possibilities, such as eating some foods that contain high sugars.

” Taking medications regularly ” It is recommended to take the medications specified by the specialist doctor, to avoid complications from the disease.

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