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Damages of nutritional supplements on the body

” Damages of nutritional supplements on the body “

The side effects that nutritional supplements can cause on the general health of the body in most cases : –

There are many cases that need to take nutritional supplements on a daily basis in addition to healthy food and proper daily nutrition, for several health reasons, the most important of which are: that there are some people whose body nature is not amenable to absorbing some natural nutrients from food while eating the main daily meals, Therefore, in such a case, it is preferable to take nutritional supplements beside the main daily meal to compensate for the elements that the body could not work to absorb and benefit from, and there are also some cases in which some of them are unable to eat healthy foods on a daily basis for several reasons, including constant preoccupation with life matters , And in this case also it is preferable to eat some of the elements that the body misses in the form of concentrated nutritional supplements, but these nutritional supplements must be taken in addition to healthy food, as if taken alone they will have a negative impact on the body instead of its positive role on the health of the body, And thus it will completely backfire, and it may cause many damages and side effects to the body. Here is the most harm that nutritional supplements may cause as a result of taking them privately :-

” Anaphylaxis ” Taking nutritional supplements can cause anaphylaxis in some people, so it is preferable to consult a doctor before resorting to taking any type of nutritional supplement, as there are some who do not tolerate certain nutrients or have an allergy to a certain type of food because it contains A specific nutrient, therefore, medical analyzes and checks must be done before consuming any type of nutritional supplement.

” Damage to the liver ” Some medical studies have shown that most cases of liver disease were a result of the excessive use of some types of nutritional supplements, so it is advised to eat healthy foods and take natural nutrients through healthy and proper nutrition, as it is better than any other method. To obtain the nutrients that the body needs in the day, and to eliminate the diseases resulting from them.

” Some side effects ” Taking supplements may cause certain elements of nutritional supplements already present in the body, including : ” feeling a headache ” , ” forming kidney stones ” , ” constant tension ” , ” loss of appetite in some cases ” , ” Feeling tired ” and severe and lasting fatigue, and many other side effects that may be caused by nutritional supplements when taken in the wrong way.

Finally, it is advised to consult a doctor before resorting to taking any kind of nutritional supplement.

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