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” Damages of sugar on the health of the body “

” Damages of sugar on the health of the body “

It is known that excessive eating of anything is harmful to the health of the body, especially white sugar, as it causes many problems for the health of the body in general. Learn with us about the damage that sugar causes to the general health of the body :-

” Heart disease risk ” :-
Eating a large amount of sugar can lead to a risk of heart disease, especially if it is consumed daily, as it stimulates the secretion of insulin in the blood, which in turn affects the arteries and hardens them, which may increase the pressure on the heart muscle. And thus the incidence of heart disease.

” Weight gain ” :-
Eating more white sugar than the permissible amount per day increases the risk of obesity, as there are many foods and drinks that contain a high percentage of sugar, such as: sweets and soft drinks, as studies have shown that the body digests sugars faster than Other foodstuffs, and this reduces the feeling of satiety, and the more sugar a person consumes, the more hunger is felt in a short time, as it is one of the main factors that lead to weight gain.
” The possibility of developing cancerous diseases ” :-
Some studies have proven that there is a relationship between cancer diseases and sugars, but it is indirect, as we mentioned that sugar leads to obesity, which in turn can infect a person with cancer.
” Acne ” :-
Naturally, the skin is nourished on the nutrients that we eat daily, so if a person eats foods that contain a high percentage of sugars, this will negatively affect the health of the skin and thus lead to the emergence of acne, and among the examples of sugars: soft drinks, Chocolate, juices, pasta, sugar, added to drinks.

” tooth decay ” :-
Eating foods and drinks that contain a high percentage of sugars affects a person’s exposure to tooth decay, especially children, as they are classified as more susceptible to tooth decay.

” The potential risk of developing depression ” : –
Eating sugary foods leads to obtaining energy in a short time, as it raises the level of blood sugar in the body suddenly, but quickly decreases as a result of the absorption of body cells to it, and this leads to feelings of anxiety and tension, and some studies have proven that eating sugary foods And soft drinks lead to a person’s exposure to depression.

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