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Dates of taking nutritional supplements, especially protein

Dates of taking nutritional supplements, especially protein

Appropriate times for taking nutritional supplements that contain protein :-

It is known that healthy and proper nutrition is better than any other way to obtain the nutrients that the body needs in the day , but there are also some exceptional cases in which the body needs to take nutritional supplements alongside proper healthy nutrition , but in order for the body to obtain the elements The food he needs , and to fully benefit from it , he must take these nutritional supplements at specific times and not at any time, there are some supplements that contain nutrients that must be taken with meals , and there are also other types of supplements that must be taken before eating Main meals , and some other types that contain the element ” protein ” , which has an important and fundamental role in body composition and building and strengthening muscles , and this type especially must be eaten at specific times according to the times of daily sports performance , or during performance Violent sports exercises , here are the dates that it is preferred to adhere to in eating proteins as daily food supplements :-

Before resorting to performing aerobic exercise , it is preferable to take nutritional supplements that contain proteins before resorting to exercise , because it provides the body with the necessary energy before exercise to benefit as much as possible from the effect of protein in strengthening muscles and increasing body endurance , but it is worth It is noteworthy that it is necessary to avoid consuming food supplements that contain protein while eating the main daily meals , and that is because the body works to digest the protein component during exercise performance more , as the body makes more effort at this time than at any other time , and This is so that the body is fully prepared to receive protein and use it in building and strengthening muscles in a healthy and sound manner .

” Taking protein nutritional supplements immediately after waking up ” will help the body a lot if protein is consumed immediately after waking up from sleep , or during breakfast , in order to get the most benefit from the protein component in building the body and forming muscles properly , so It is recommended to take one tablespoon or a whole tablet of protein supplement while eating breakfast .

” After the performance of violent exercise ” occurs when a person consumes the protein component as a dietary supplement after completing the performance of vigorous exercise that the body regains its energy and activity again after consuming a large portion of energy while performing vigorous exercise. Protein as a dietary supplement immediately after performing vigorous exercise.

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