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Diabetics always need a list of the best foods that doctors recommend because they contain elements that reduce high blood sugar in the body. Here are some healthy foods that diabetics are advised to eat :-

Vegetables of all kinds

Diabetes patients are advised to eat vegetables on a daily basis in their diet, as they are characterized by very low calories, and other than that they contain a very large amount of minerals and important nutrients that are necessary for the body, whether for a normal person, or a patient with diabetes, and also Because they contain vitamins and minerals necessary to strengthen immunity, especially for those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, as these vitamins are high in vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, they work to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and also lower the level of cholesterol in the body, so it is advised. Diabetics eat vegetables as a daily staple meal in their diet.

the Garlic

Of course, we do not know the benefits of garlic, but it is worth noting that garlic has a very good effect in cases of diabetics, as it reduces blood sugar in the body significantly, and significantly reduces the cholesterol level for people with high blood pressure.


One of the most recommended foods for diabetics is ” fish “, especially fish called fatty fish, as they contain a percentage of healthy unsaturated fats, which are among the nutrients that must be available in the main daily meals, and also to contain These fish contain minerals and important nutrients such as phosphorous, which is very necessary for the body, and because it is rich in omega-3, which is known for its importance, as it is one of the most recommended foods for diabetics, and because it contains all the elements that any person with diseases needs For chronic or healthy people, as eating fish in general helps to maintain cholesterol levels in the body, and also maintains the level of blood sugar, as if it is high then it works to lower it at the normal rate.

Turmeric “

Turmeric has many benefits, whether for diabetics or for any healthy person, as turmeric contributes very significantly to reducing the level of blood sugar in the body, other than its countless other benefits.

Cinnamon “

“Cinnamon” works to reduce the level of sugar in the blood in the body, so it is recommended to take a quarter or half a teaspoon of cinnamon dissolved in a cup of warm water, and this recipe is suitable for all cases, but it is certainly not recommended for those who suffer from anaphylaxis in cinnamon, but it is It contributes very significantly to lowering the blood sugar level in the body.

Berries in their colors

Berries of various types and colors work to significantly maintain the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, and that is because they contain a very high percentage of antioxidants, healthy vitamins and minerals that work to reduce the sudden rise in blood sugar levels, so patients are advised Diabetes by eating berries of all kinds.

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