” Foods that protect the body from some diseases “

” Foods that protect the body from some diseases

” Sweet Spicy “

Sweet pepper contains few calories, and a lot of water, protein, fiber, iron, and many other elements responsible for protecting the body from the risk of disease, and it is worth noting that sweet pepper contains very high levels of antioxidants, and It also contains some minerals such as manganese, which contributes to reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis, and also contributes to protecting against some diseases such as:

  • Protection from the risk of injury to the retina.
  • Reducing appetite.
  • Strengthening the body’s immunity.

” Watercress “

Watercress is full of important nutrients to promote bone health, because it contains the necessary vitamins necessary for bone strength, and it also contains a very large percentage of the copper element that works on the formation of white blood cells, which in turn works to strengthen the immune system in the body, and helps On the prevention of some diseases such as :-

  • Promote heart health.
  • Improving blood pressure in the body.
  • Reducing stomach ulcers.
  • Reducing the risk of some cancerous diseases.
  • Regular thyroid hormones because it contains a large proportion of iodine.
  • Significant weight reduction due to its very low calories.

” Spinach “

 It is known that spinach is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, which works to provide the body with energy, calcium, which is very necessary for building bones, magnesium, which is a very important source of chemical reactions in the body, and potassium that doctors recommend for those suffering from chronic diseases such as Blood pressure, and among the diseases that spinach protect against, such as :-

  • Reducing the risk of harmful oxidation processes to the body.
  • Killing and inhibiting cancer cells in the body.
  • Reducing the incidence of weak immunity.
  • Reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

green onion

Green onions are one of the most important sources rich in dietary fiber, minerals and most of the vitamins necessary for the body, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, and among the minerals that green onions are deservedly possessed are calcium and potassium, and studies have shown that green onions work It helps prevent many common diseases such as:
-   It helps to inhibit the growth of tumors, as it is considered a chemical preventive agent to reduce cancerous diseases.
-   Reducing diseases resulting from diabetes.
-   Kills the toxins in the body.


Basil has a very big role in preserving some body systems from many of the diseases contained in the body exposed to them, because it contains many elements such as iron and zinc, which works to improve skin health and get rid of acne, as basil is considered an antibiotic for the bacteria present in The body and thus eliminating it, and it also enters into the treatment of many pathological conditions such as :-
-   Treatment of colds, influenza and asthma.
-   Fights most respiratory infections.
-   It promotes the health of the heart and arteries.
-   Helps to feel relaxed and get rid of stress and fatigue.
-   It has a major role in treating arthritis and intestinal infections.
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