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How to determine the appropriate diet regimen

How to determine the appropriate diet regimen  

There are many diets that work to lose weight, or perhaps maintain the ideal weight naturally and healthy, but we must mention the importance of calories in any diet or in any diet followed to reduce weight, so we must first pay attention to calories before noticing us For anything else, even if the dietary methods used to lose weight differ, one must also pay attention to calories, here are the best diet methods that you can follow as they help to reduce weight in a healthy and natural way :-

Intermittent fasting diet “

This diet depends entirely on the number of hours that food is eaten, and the number of hours that food is interrupted, and in this diet also foods that contain few calories are eaten, as through this a very large amount of fat is lost that The body used to store it in the periods before the beginning of this ” intermittent fasting ” diet, and this diet is suitable for most people who want to reduce their weight. It is also suitable for people who suffer from chronic diseases, as it works to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, and is also suitable for people with disease Diabetes: Studies have already proven the effect of this ” intermittent fasting ” system on its ability to lose weight, lose a very large amount of fat, and it also helps to burn more than a period before following that diet.

How to follow the intermittent fasting diet “

This diet depends on fasting for a certain period, and then eating food for a certain period as well, and so on, during the fasting period it is not permissible to eat any foods at all, but only what is allowed during the fasting period is to ” drink water “, and drink drinks that are not added to it. What kind of sugar, and it is worth noting that during the eating period, certain foods must be eaten, not everything that the soul craves, as foods that contain vitamins and minerals are eaten, and the most important of which are: Various vegetables of all kinds such as: beans, Green peas, zucchini, and many other types of vegetables that contain vitamins ” E ” and vitamin ” D “, and other elements such as ” calcium ” and ” potassium “, and it is also necessary to eat foods that contain ” protein ” Such as legumes of all kinds, including: ” lentils, beans, chickpeas, grilled chicken breasts, fish of all kinds “. And one of the most important elements that must be included in this diet are ” healthy unsaturated fats ” and the most important foods rich in them are: ” avocado ” , ” And all kinds of nuts “, ” fatty fish “, ” olive oil ” , and ” seeds Quinoa “, and many others are recommended to eat while following an intermittent fasting diet “.

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