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How to lose weight 7 kilos a month

How to lose weight 7 kilos a month “

Usually, many people want to lose their weight, especially those with obesity, and overweight, and in our time those who suffer from obesity or overweight have become very much more than before, as the well-being increases more with each generation due to the development of technology of the era that made Most people are in constant laziness, so they do not make any effort and this is what causes weight gain, but there are some natural ways that make you lose excess weight in a very short time by following several steps that are all-natural that do not leave any negative impact on the body, continue to get to know us on the steps Which are recommended to take to lose weight, about 7 kilos per month :-

” Drink water in large quantities daily “

Medical studies have proven that one of the best factors that help to lose weight in a natural, healthy way and with amazing results, as it has been proven that drinking large quantities of water daily works to reduce appetite, and the feeling of satiety for a long time, especially if the water is drunk half an hour before meals Before every meal, as water has a very important role if it is consumed before eating, and is that it helps the digestive system to regulate its movement and regulate the digestive process, and it also contributes a great role in improving metabolism and metabolism.

” Follow a healthy appropriate diet “

There is usually an accumulation of fat on some areas of the body, especially on the sides and the abdominal area, and the reason always lies in following an inappropriate diet for the body, as the diets are not uniform, they differ from one person to another according to the nature of the body, so some Steps to get a healthy diet, here are some tips that are suitable for most body types and that you must follow to lose weight naturally and healthy:-

” Eat breakfast daily “

Breakfast is the main and most important meal of the day, as it helps to extend the period of feeling full, and works to control the level of sugar in the blood, but breakfast must be containing the nutrients that the body needs daily, and the most important of these elements are :-

  • Protein.
  • Whole grains.
  • Saturated fats such as nuts or avocados.
  • Fruits that do not contain a large proportion of sugars.

” Reducing daily calories consumed at meals “

Weight gain or loss is due to the percentage of calories that are consumed daily at every meal, so you have to take care of the quantities that are consumed from food daily, and the percentage of calories affixed to foods and canned foods should be reviewed.

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