Diabetes treatments

Nutrition and Diabetics

Nutrition and Diabetics

Diabetics always resort to taking treatments and medicines intended for diabetes, and sometimes they do not come with the expected and expected result, but the best and guaranteed treatment for diabetics is “healthy nutrition,” and what is meant here in the sense of “healthy nutrition” is not to prevent Some types of foods, but a diabetic patient can eat all kinds of food without exception, but in daily quantities, by calculating the calories consumed daily, as some medical studies have proven and most researchers have indicated that only calories will be It affects the proper amount of food that a diabetic patient eats daily, and in this article we will explain how to eat all foods that some people think are forbidden to diabetics, but in a healthy and proper way :-

 First method “

This is the method of “relying on the amount of carbohydrates in each meal ” :-

We heard a lot that foods that contain high levels of sugars affect the high level of blood sugar in the body, especially among people with diabetes, but this is a false rumor, as when foods that contain a high percentage of sugars are eaten, but in a way Specific, which is the equilibrium method; Where these foods are eaten directly with the main meal, and for you in calculated quantities, as a diabetic can eat fruits, honey, sweets, and all foods, but by differently approved method first, as when foods that contain a high percentage are eaten Of the sugars with the main meal, then the body considers it as part of this meal, and then it is calculated from the carbohydrates that are eaten in the basic daily meal, and thus did not turn into the sugars that are prohibited for diabetics.

The ” second method “

And it is a way to ” reduce calories at every meal ” :-

Firstly, sweets and foods high in sugars must be replaced with foods rich in vitamins and minerals, as sweets in general or foods rich in fats and sugars do not contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis, and because as we mentioned we can replace treatments and medicines for diabetics With beneficial and healthy nutrition, we must replace some foods that have no benefit with foods rich in elements, vitamins and minerals that the body needs daily, and this rule is general and not only for diabetics.

The third method  “

This is the method of ” substituting sugars ” :-

There are some healthy types of sugar, which may be much less harmful than the sugar that is used daily in the candy industry in general, as these different types do not contain high calories like what natural sugar contains.

 Fourth method “

This is a method of ” monitoring and calculating the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily in each meal ” :-

Some products that are sold in the market always write on them the ingredients, the calories per 100 grams of the product, and all the details of the product, this information we cannot ignore, especially for diabetics, by monitoring and observing the product components, and the amount of calories In it, the diabetic patient can know the specific amount that he can eat as a full meal.

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