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Protein in nutritional supplements

” Protein in nutritional supplements “

The different types of protein that are recommended in nutritional supplements :-

There are many types of proteins that are taken as nutritional supplements, whether under the advice of a doctor or taken to provide the body with energy before performing violent exercises such as weightlifting and athletics, but each type of protein has a specific role in the body, so it is necessary to know what The body needs it first and then start eating the appropriate type of protein as a dietary supplement. Here are the most important different types of protein that are recommended in nutritional supplements.

Proteins that contain a small percentage of starches ” carbohydrates “. In this case, a meal that contains a percentage of healthy carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice is eaten, but the meal must be free of any fats mentioned, and then the supplement is taken Food that contains a small percentage of protein, because this type of protein is characterized by rapid absorption in the body.

” Proteins completely free of carbohydrates ” It is preferable to eat this type of protein during the day and not at a specific time, as this type of protein has a very slow absorption speed and helps the muscles to make use of the food in the protein more easily, so it is advised to eat this type Of proteins, especially for those who practice violent sports, as it is not bound by a specific time.

” Proteins that contain a large proportion of healthy carbohydrates ” This type of protein is eaten before resorting to exercise, as it is known that foods that contain carbohydrates are distinguished in giving the body the energy necessary to carry out its daily activities, so it is recommended to eat this type Of protein for those who exercise continuously daily.

There are many cases that need to take nutritional supplements on a daily basis in addition to eating healthy food and proper daily nutrition, for several health reasons, the most important of which are: that some people have the nature of their body not able to absorb some natural nutrients from food during the main daily meals Therefore, in such a case, it is preferable to take nutritional supplements next to the main daily meal to compensate for the elements that the body could not work to absorb and benefit from, and there are also some cases in which some of them are unable to maintain eating healthy foods on a daily basis for several reasons, the most important of which is permanent preoccupation. In matters of life, and in this case also it is preferable to eat some of the elements that the body lacks in the form of those concentrated nutritional supplements, but these nutritional supplements must be taken in addition to healthy food, as if taken alone it can have a negative effect on the body instead Of its positive role on the health of the body, and thus will be completely counter-productive.

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