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slimming and burning fat

slimming and burning fat

The benefits of frankincense for slimming and burning fat, that this type of frankincense is also known as bitter frankincense or kinder frankincense .

Since ancient times, it has been used in many countries in prescriptions such as slimming and losing excess weight, and it is also used in many cosmetic prescriptions, as one of the things that most concern people is getting the ideal weight and losing weight by natural methods, without any medications and prescription drugs. And without resorting to surgical intervention in cases of obesity .

 What are the benefits of frankincense for weight loss “”

The frankincense, or what is known as bitter gum or kinder, has many benefits that lead to slimming and losing excess weight, and there are many people who have excess weight who want to lose it, and accordingly, many people have asked about what are the benefits of frankincense for slimming .

Here are its most important benefits for weight loss ” “

Bitter frankincense burns fats in the body, especially in the abdominal area .

It improves the performance of the thyroid gland in the body and thus contributes to burning fats by increasing the rates of metabolism in the body .

This gum does not contain any of the calories that increase burning .

It also works to burn calories in the body .

Where all studies and research confirmed that eating kinder in the morning burns 67 calories per day .

Kinder works to tighten the body and rid the body of sagging and white lines and cracks that occur after pregnancy .

Bitter frankincense helps to suppress the person’s appetite, and then the individual’s desire to eat decreases and thus reduces many calories .

Kinder works to increase the percentage of natural insulin in the human body .

It also contributes to maintaining blood sugar, which ultimately leads to suppressing the appetite for eating sugars and sweets .

It also works to move fat and move it quickly .

Bitter frankincense gets rid of toxins and salts stored in the body and thus increases the percentage of fat burning and increases metabolism rates .

When eating frankincense, urination increases .

And it works to rid the individual of the excess water percentage in the body, which works to reduce weight .

It works to improve the functions of the digestive system .

It contributes to stimulating the levels of metabolism in the body and thus helps the body to reduce weight and get rid of excess weight .

It helps to eliminate constipation and works to treat the problems of intestinal upset and rid the body of toxins that prevent the body from the burning process .

The bitterness of frankincense. Studies and research have proven that this bitterness contributes to the elimination of belly fat significantly .

What are the best chewing gum recipes for slimming .

There are many recipes spread about bitter gum, and they help with slimming and weight loss, here are the best of those recipes for slimming .

Boil two tablespoons of bitter frankincense with one cup of water for five minutes .

Leave it soaked in water for half a day after boiling .

Then you will notice that the water has changed its color to white

Strain the mixture .

Eat it directly on an empty stomach daily .

Half an hour after consuming the gum mixture, eat breakfast and continue eating the mixture for an entire month .

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