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Symptoms that indicate the presence of type 2 diabetes

Symptoms that indicate the presence of type 2 diabetes

There are also some symptoms that indicate the presence of type 2 diabetes in the patient, the most important of which are :-

” Feeling very hungry ” The patient with type II diabetes may feel very hungry, and also intense thirst sometimes, as a result of the lack of fluid in the body, and also the lack of sugars and thus their lack of access to some nerves and cells in the body in general, As for the feeling of extreme hunger, there are several reasons behind this, the most important of which is the increased secretion of the hormone insulin, or the severe lack of secretion of the hormone insulin.

” Numbness in some areas of the body “, type 2 diabetes may cause numbness in some parts of the body such as hands and feet, and if this feeling persists a lot, it may cause atrophy of nerves and cells associated with those areas.

” week looking ” Failure to secrete the hormone insulin may lead to impaired vision, and then lead to a decrease in the amount of fluid in the eye, and thus impaired vision, as the insulin hormone is what controls the regulation of blood sugar level in the body, or it occurs in the case of high blood sugar To a high degree, this may cause the accumulation of sugar on the eye, and thus a lot of water and fluids will be exhausted from the eye, and in both cases it is preferable to resort to a medical examination of the eye, as the treatment of this condition may be by wearing eyeglasses only.

” Extreme fatigue ” Sometimes type 2 diabetic patients may feel very tired, due to the lack of sugars and thus their lack of access to the nerves and the body in general, and in this case the insulin transport glucose to the cells, in order to produce and consume energy.

” Weight loss or excessive weight gain ” when the body becomes in a state of inability to deplete the insulin present in the blood, so it happens that it goes directly to depleting the energy that the body possesses in the form of fat that has been stored before, and this leads to a large burning of fat and thus Losing a lot of calories, which definitely leads to weight loss, but in the case of excessive secretion of the insulin hormone, the body leaves the fat in its state and does not exhaust it in order to get the necessary energy because it is already getting it from the glucose that the insulin transports.

” Diabetes Advice ” :-

” Exercising regularly ” It is necessary to do some exercise, even if a little bit of it daily. This will help to withdraw glucose in the body by exhausting it as a main source to provide the body with the necessary energy. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise regularly regardless of the person’s age or type of diabetes. Infected with it.

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