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The benefits of the “keto diet” in treating some medical conditions

The benefits of the “keto diet” in treating some medical conditions

The keto diet is a diet that many doctors around the world recommend, and this system focuses on eating foods that contain a high percentage of healthy fats, a very small percentage of carbohydrates, and an adequate percentage of protein that the body needs in the day, and the goal Part of the keto diet is that the body gets its calories from fat.

How does the keto diet treat some conditions?

The keto diet works to analyze the fats in the body to produce energy because at that time the sugar store in the body has been depleted and there is nothing in front of it but fat to obtain the energy needed for the body, then some molecules called ketones are produced that the body uses as fuel, and when it is done The body burns fat, which leads to weight loss.

Does the keto diet affect the health of the skin?

Yes, the keto diet may significantly affect the health of the skin because as we mentioned that the goal of this system is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the body, which in turn works on the appearance of acne on the face and some areas of the body as well, but one of the benefits of the keto diet in this case. is Reducing the appearance of acne symptoms.

Does the keto diet work to prevent some cancerous diseases?

Some studies have proven that the keto diet has many positive effects on preventing some cancerous diseases, as it produces a hormone called ketogenic, which in turn helps prevent or even treat cancerous diseases.

A diet based on the hormone ketogen can be a healthy and safe treatment and is used complementary to radiation and chemotherapy treatment for cancer, as it works to kill some cancer cells because it causes oxidative stress to harmful cancer cells, unlike what it may cause in normal cells other than Harmful.

What is the importance of the keto diet in lowering blood cholesterol?

When a person follows the ketogenic diet that produces the hormone ketogen, as we mentioned, it may enhance heart health by lowering blood cholesterol in the body, and some evidence and studies indicate the importance of eating healthy fats such as avocados and others instead of unhealthy fats such as the fats of some animals.

Does the keto diet help to reduce some diseases of aging?

Some studies in 2019 indicated that the keto diet improves nerve cells through the production of ketones, which in turn are able to strengthen nerve cells and protect the brain from some diseases, so the keto diet may protect against some aging diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and it can Also control packet by following this system.

How does the keto diet help reduce epileptic seizures?

We also mentioned that the keto diet changes the way the body uses energy by increasing the percentage of fats and reducing the proportion of carbohydrates, and this is what results in “ketosis”. The Epilepsy Foundation has proven that “ketosis”, in turn, works to reduce rare epileptic attacks that most of the owners do not respond to treatment.

How does the keto diet work to lose weight?

The diet that produces ketogen consists of some healthy fats that enhance the metabolism and limit the appetite and work to reduce the hormones that stimulate hunger, and this works on the feeling of satiety for a longer period and thus weight loss.


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