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The damage caused by weight loss to the body

The damage caused by weight loss to the body

Of course, many people want to lose their weight, but usually losing weight negatively affects the general health of the body, but this is only if the method used to lose weight is unhealthy, here are some of the damage that weight loss may cause on the general health of the body : –

” Feeling of fatigue in the muscles

It is known that proper nutrition is what provides the body with the necessary energy, so if we do not adhere to proper nutrition daily, this makes us feel permanent fatigue, as a result of the lack of the daily food intake.

" Weakness in muscle tendons"
The lack of vitamins and minerals that the body needs daily always causes a feeling of fatigue in the muscles of the body, and with time it may lead to weakness, so you must eat the appropriate amounts of nutrients that the body needs daily.
" Lack of understanding and focus "
Usually those who lose weight, whether they desire or against them, lose their ability to concentrate to a large extent, and that is due to the lack of nutrients that increase the strength of concentration, such as vitamin "E" and vitamin "C".
" Loss of a large percentage of the water in the body "
Weight loss can lead to losing a large amount of water in the body, instead of burning unhealthy fats in the body, as the loss of water from the body can negatively affect the hair, and cause many problems for the skin such as dehydration, and water loss It is not limited to the skin and hair only, but also affects the entire body in terms of the vital processes that it performs.

" Feeling nervous "
Many of those who lose weight, especially if in a short time, usually feel stressed, and this is the result of a sudden change of the diet followed, changes occur in the body, and the proportion of some hormones rises, the most important of which is adrenaline, which may cause tension sometimes when it rises.

" Anemia Significant "
weight loss can lead to anemia, which is called "anemia" due to the lack of a very important nutrient for the body, which is "iron".
" Feeling lazy "
Losing weight leads to a loss of the ability to carry out daily tasks and activities, due to the lack of the daily amount of food required, and the person feels permanent laziness, and thus he is unable to carry out daily activities to the fullest.
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