The dates on which it is recommended to eat meals

The dates on which it is recommended to eat meals

In order to organize the meals , it is necessary to specify the dates in which the meals will be eaten , but the specific amount of foods that a person must eat may differ from one person to another according to several factors, including : ” Age ” , for example, in childhood , the amount of food is less than in other stages , And it is also determined in relation to the treatments that a person may take if he suffers from some disease, but it is worth noting that the number of meals does not matter in the plan of organizing meals , as you can eat from 3 meals to 6 meals per day, but care must be taken to The number of calories that enter the body in each meal, but it is necessary to eat at least 3 meals a day , and they are: ” breakfast meal ” , ” lunch ” and ” dinner meal ” . Here are the benefits of those meals in organizing the food plan Daily :-

              :-” Breakfast “

One of the most important daily meals that should never be neglected, as it is the first thing that enters the human body after long hours. It is recommended to eat a little breakfast cereal with ” milk ” , or foods that contain proteins such as ” eggs ” .

            :-” lunch “

Lunch is the basic meal that includes most of the elements that the body needs , and it is essential because it is in the middle of the day, where some ” vegetables ” are allowed , an adequate amount of proteins such as ” meat ” or ” poultry ” , and a few carbohydrates such as : ” Rice ” , or ” pasta ” , or ” bread ” .

           :-” Dinner “

It is from the monastery that it is necessary to eat a small amount of food at dinner , as it is considered the last meal to be eaten at the end of the day , and sometimes some resort to sleep afterwards , and this is a big mistake that may lead to infection with some diseases such as : ” shortness of breath ” And others , so it is advised to eat dinner more than 3 hours before bedtime .

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