” The healthiest foods the body needs “

The healthiest foods the body needs

Nuts  “

Among the best foods that are recommended for diabetics are “nuts” as they contain healthy fats suitable for all disease conditions, and they are preferred by many people because of their sweet taste, as they are rich in many minerals and healthy vitamins that must enter the body daily. Whether it is in the diet of a symptomatic patient, or a healthy person, therefore, eating a daily ration of various and different nuts contributes very significantly to maintaining blood sugar levels, as well as the level of cholesterol in the body, etc. It has a very large role in maintaining body weight, as some studies have shown that if a person who wants to lose weight without any effort consumes some nuts, this may contribute very significantly to significantly losing weight, so patients with diabetes and chronic diseases are advised to eat Nuts daily, as they will help keep the body from getting sick, and also regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels


It is always recommended to eat various vegetables of all colors on a daily basis in any diet, as all kinds of vegetables are characterized by their very low calories, but they are also characterized by containing a very large percentage of minerals and important nutrients necessary for the body, whether the diet of a person wants Reducing his weight, or for anyone else, and it is also recommended daily because it contains a group rich in vitamins and minerals necessary to strengthen immunity, especially for people with chronic diseases, as some of these vitamins are only available in certain types of vegetables, especially green vegetables, This is because it protects against many dangerous and chronic diseases, it also works to reduce blood sugar levels, and also works to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body, and even most of it works to regulate blood pressure in the body, so it is recommended to eat vegetables as a daily basic meal in Any diet.

Avocado “

Avocados are characterized by containing a very large amount of healthy unsaturated fats, free of carbohydrates, and so on; It contains a high percentage of essential fibers that the body needs on a daily basis, and it has many recipes that can be eaten through it.


Fish is one of the foods that are most recommended to be taken as a basic ingredient in any diet, especially fish that are considered fatty fish, as they contain a large amount of healthy unsaturated fats, which are among the nutrients that must be available in any main daily meal , And also because these fish contain minerals and important nutrients such as phosphorous, which is very necessary for the body, and because it is rich in omega-3, which is indispensable to us and its importance, so it is one of the most recommended foods for patients with chronic diseases, and because it contains most Items that the body needs.

Fruits of all kinds  “

It is recommended to eat a daily ration of fruits of various types, and colors, as fruits are characterized by containing a high percentage of vitamins and fibers necessary for the body daily, and also contain minerals that the body needs to carry out its daily activities.

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