The most important nutritional foods that the body needs daily

 ” The most important nutritional foods that the body needs daily “

In order for all of us to enjoy a healthy life full of vitality and disease-free, we must follow a healthy diet daily in order to support us with activity, so that the body can do its role as well, so we must choose foods that contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs Here are the best nutritional and essential foods that the body needs, and also the benefits that we get from these foods: –

·        " Green Peas "
Green peas contain a lot of benefits, as they contain a very large percentage of antioxidants and some other vitamins such as vitamin "C" and vitamin "E" and many minerals, proteins and fibers, as they work on :-
-     Providing the body with the necessary energy due to the fact that it contains beta-carotene.
-     Prevention of heart disease.
-     Prevention of some aging diseases such as Alzheimer's.
-     Prevention of lung diseases.
·        " Broccoli "
 Broccoli carries many nutritional benefits, so nutritionists always prescribe it on the menu because it contains very few calories, and this is what makes those who want to lose weight by following it as a basis for the diet, broccoli works to prevent some diseases such as :- 
-      Reducing the risk of developing cancerous diseases. 
-      It improves skin health and maintains hair. Protection from some chronic diseases. 
-      Strengthening bones and muscles. 
-      Combating aging diseases. 
-      Reducing the risk of colon cancer.
·       " Almonds "
Almonds contain several nutrients that make it one of the most important healthy foods that the body needs on an almost daily basis, as it contains a very large percentage of antioxidants, which in turn contribute to the prevention of the dangers of cancerous diseases and malignant tumors, and it also contains magnesium and manganese. Where manganese is one of the most important minerals that aid in metabolism, and it also works on :-
-      Prevention of diabetes.
-      Protection from colon, bladder and spleen cancer.
-      Reducing cholesterol.
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