Tips to avoid severe high blood pressure

 Tips to avoid severe high blood pressure

It is worth noting that the treatment that is done through nutrition is much better than treatment by taking medications that may have damages or side effects that may cause other problems in some body systems , especially if they are taken without referring to the specialist doctor . Here are some healthy eating tips, which you can follow , as it is used in the treatment of most cases of high blood pressure .

” Tips to avoid severe high blood pressure “

” Eating daily meals in small quantities ” Meals must be eaten in moderate quantities , as it can help to eat several meals a day divided into periods , even if the meals are very small , this works to control the balance of blood pressure in the body , whether it is high or low , but These small meals must not contain large amounts of carbohydrates , because this may lead to a decrease in blood pressure rather than an increase , so it is necessary to moderate eating the main daily meals .

” Sleeping for a sufficient number of hours a day ” for sleep is a very important role in controlling the balance of blood pressure in the body , as it reduces the risks that occur due to sudden high blood pressure , so it is preferable to sleep for a continuous period of up to 8 hours per day .

” Measuring blood pressure continuously ” It is preferable to measure blood pressure every period , because this will help a lot to know the reasons that may lead to its rise , and to discover new methods that work to lower it in a healthy way , so it is recommended to measure blood pressure daily , but it should not be a measurement Pressure immediately after eating, and for the person to be relaxed , and preferably not to have drunk any kind of stimulant , in order to get the correct reading of blood pressure .

 Stay away from eating fast food and replace it with eating healthy foods , as eating healthy foods leads to a balance in blood pressure in the body , and among the most important foods that are recommended to eat for a balance in blood pressure in the body are : ” vegetables ” ; especially green leafy vegetables , ” Fruits of all kinds ” , and ” low fat milk “, as all of these foods in turn regulate and improve blood pressure , and certainly nutrition is much better than taking medications , so good nutrition is recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure , or Reduction of Blood pressure .

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