Treating gout with nutrition

Treating gout with nutrition

Treating gout with nutrition

Gout is among the common diseases that humans are exposed to in general , and it causes intense pain at different times and the patient has some symptoms, which are redness , in addition to swelling . Often a person suffers from gout and affects a joint in general and the big toe . In particular , it is possible for a person to suffer from this problem in the middle of the night , which awakens the sufferer from sleep from the intensity of pain , but it quickly resolves on its own again , but there are some ways that help treat gout with healthy nutrition , here are the most important :-

Treat gout naturally

Today there are many natural methods used by some in order to maintain the natural level of uric acid in the body and then control gout , and among the most important natural herbs used to get rid of gout are as follows :-


Ginger is among the herbs that contain anti-inflammatories , which limit exposure to swelling or inflammation, and is among the necessary things that help the body to sweat and then get rid of the excess uric in the blood .

Castor oil

Among the natural oils that are used locally to get rid of the symptoms that appear on the body as a result of exposure to gout , it is possible to paint the joints with it , as it is ideal in breaking down the uric acid formed around the joint and then reducing the pressure on it .


Turmeric is also considered among the herbs that contribute to eliminating excess uric levels in the blood , as it contains a large percentage of anti-inflammatories , which makes it the best in getting rid of gout symptoms in general .

The magnesium

Among the important minerals that are used to control the level of uric acid in the blood is magnesium , which is an alkaline mineral that works to prevent the body from forming a large proportion of uric acid and thus not to be exposed to that problem , and magnesium is often used in the treatment of gout , but advanced cases which She suffers from many complications .

 Methods for preventing gout

It is possible to prevent and reduce the chance of exposure to gout through several methods , the most important of which are the following .

A normal person should drink large quantities of water throughout the day to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood and thus not be exposed to gout .

Eat all dairy products but be fat free .

Limit soft drinks and drinks that are high in sugars so that you do not develop gout .

Maintaining a person’s ideal weight is among the healthy things that many serious health problems avoid , the most important of which is gout .

Not drinking alcoholic beverages .

Adherence to a healthy diet is among the things that contribute to maintaining a healthy body and not to disrupt vital organs .